Our Values

  • People

    At Hines Corporation, we believe that people drive great results and strong returns. That is why we put them above all else. This focus allows them to innovate, create and produce superior products every day.

    We thrive because of our people.

  • Fostering Growth

    We value the growth of our people, companies and community. Hines Corporation capitalizes on its experience to focus on improving and expanding the reach of our companies worldwide. We promise to foster the progress of our organizations by giving our subsidiaries the operational, strategic and financial support they need to function at a world-class level. Industrial manufacturing companies have tremendous potential for growth and improvement.

    We are dedicated to fostering growth.

  • Driving Industry Forward

    The products our companies create help construct roads, keep people safe, clean facilities and fuel vehicles. That is why we believe in pushing ourselves to innovate new products, improve efficiency and exceed the expectations of our customers. We do it all to make a positive impact on people across the globe.

    We drive industry forward.

Our history

Hines acquires Pacific Steamex, moves manufacturing to Grand Haven, MI; Hines Corporation established.

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Hines acquires Johnston Boiler.

Hines acquires DynaTorque.

Pacific operations relocated to Muskegon, MI.


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Hines acquires Garlock Equipment Company and the Garlock East (Russell Dean) distribution outlet to form Plymouth Industries.

Plymouth acquires Cimline; Pacific acquires US Floor Systems.

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Hines acquires American Coil Spring; Pacific acquires Silver Bullet Manufacturing.

Hines acquires Bennett Pump Company; Johnston Boiler acquires Stickle Deaerators; DynaTorque acquires E&S Valve Components.

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Plymouth acquires AM Roofing Systems.

Bennett Pump establishes a China-based joint venture, Shanghai Bennett.

American Coil Spring acquires North American Spring & Stamping.

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Hines acquires Kimble Manufacturing Company; DynaTorque sells E&S Valve Components.

Cimline acquires EQUIPT Manufacturing; Plymouth acquires Duraco.

Plymouth establishes the Garlock Chicago distribution outlet.

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Hines builds a new 135,000 square foot Kimble manufacturing facility.

Hines acquires Michigan Spring & Stamping; Plymouth Industries establishes Garlock Safety Systems.

Pacific acquires Thoro-Matic; Hines acquires joint venture partner’s share of Shanghai Bennett; Hines sells DynaTorque to Cameron International.

American Coil Spring is merged with Michigan Spring and Stamping.

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Hines invests in acquisition of Greater Culligan of Texas.

Hines acquires Crane Carrier Company; Plymouth acquires Roofing Equipment of Florida; Hines invests in acquisition of Mopec.

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Establishes Hines Specialty Vehicle Group as a holding company for Kimble and Crane Carrier brands; Crane Carrier manufacturing merges into New Philadelphia, Ohio, facility.

Crane Carrier Service Parts moves into new facility in Tulsa, OK; Plymouth acquires RWH Roofing Equipment.

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Hines sells equity share of Funnett to joint venture partner.

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Hines exits its investment in Greater Culligan of Texas

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Hines sells Hines Specialty Vehicle Group

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Hines sells Michigan Spring & Stamping

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