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Hines Corporation supports the growth of industrial manufacturing companies. Our subsidiaries create products that drive the industry forward, help our customers operate efficiently and effectively, and make a positive impact on people’s lives.

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Hines Corporation is built on the diverse expertise, integrity, accountability and inventiveness of our people. The ability for our people to work together as a team is highly valued. Our focus is to create an environment where our team can thrive.


As an organization, our goal is to create a positive impact across the globe. From the United States to China to Africa, our companies are constantly working to build the products that make people’s lives better. Hines Corporation helps them do it better.



Bennett Pump + Bennett Pump Shanghai

Since 1919, Bennett Pump Company has been a global leader in engineering, design and manufacturing of fueling technologies for the transportation industry.  In recent years, Bennett has developed some of the world’s most advanced fuel dispensers for use with a variety of alternative fuels including hydrogen and compressed and liquefied natural gas.  Bennett Pump Company is well known around the world for making robust refueling hydraulics and the world’s most accurate fuel metering systems.


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Johnston Boiler

Competitors readily acknowledge Johnston Boiler Company, founded in 1864, as the industry leader in the large-packaged firetube boiler market. Johnston Boiler specializes in supplying high-pressure boilers known for their efficiency and durability.

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Pacific Floorcare

Pacific Floorcare® is committed to providing cleaning professionals the best floor cleaning products possible. From their “Tough as Tanks” roots when they began in 1946 to the Purpose Built® product line of today, Pacific is dedicated to bringing you equipment with premium specifications and industry-first technologies for years to come.

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