Bennett Pump + Bennett Pump Shanghai:

The next generation of fuel.

Since 1919, Bennett Pump Company has been a global leader in engineering, design and manufacturing of fueling technologies for the transportation industry. In recent years, Bennett has developed some of the world’s most advanced fuel dispensers for use with a variety of alternative fuels including hydrogen and compressed and liquefied natural gas.  Bennett Pump Company is well known around the world for making robust refueling hydraulics and the world’s most accurate fuel metering systems.

As a global supplier of traditional fuel dispensers and components for nearly 100 years, Bennett is using their experience and technology to develop and supply the transportation industry’s most advanced alternative fuel dispensers.

Bennett Pump currently supplies these alternative fuel dispensers to some of the world’s largest gas and energy companies for use in a variety of unique configurations, including liquefied natural gas (LNG), compressed natural gas (CNG) and hydrogen refueling. They are the only dispenser manufacturer to have 3rd party regulatory safety approvals with Weights & Measures certified CNG, LNG, and hydrogen fuel dispensers. Despite delivering a unique type of fuel, Bennett’s dispensers give customers the same fueling experience as a standard pump, making the transition comfortable and easy. Visit Bennett Pump to learn more about their innovations in alternative fuel dispensing.