Michigan Spring and Stamping:

The best product you unknowingly use every day.

Michigan Spring and Stamping is among the top sales revenue companies in North America dedicated to the development and production of precision coiled springs, stampings, and assemblies. This success is due to robust engineering capability with unique processing, collaboration with customers in new product development, and leading performance in the delivery of some of the industry’s most challenging parts.

Michigan Spring and Stamping has been a true supplier partner to their customers since 1947. They work across many industry sectors to improve design performance, reduce costs and conserve energy.  Whether their customers serve the surgical, automotive, defense, energy or climate control markets, the talented engineering and manufacturing staff within the company is uniquely equipped to achieve results for some of the most demanding applications on the market.

They manufacture a wide range of precision coiled springs, stampings and assemblies used in a variety of industries, including medical, automotive, recreation, industrial, HVAC and more. With the support of the Hines Corporation, Michigan Spring and Stamping has been able to expand their business in the US, Mexico (NAFTA region), Europe and Asia.

While a consumer may never know it, Michigan Spring and Stamping products are found in items they use every day to the most cutting edge technologies available.

  • Highly stressed bearing separators
  • Wireless/Automatic climate control devices
  • Automotive seating components to pass crash testing standards
  • Advanced surgical components used in devices for the treatment of prostate cancer and other surgical devices.
  • Low-friction 9-speed automotive transmission components
  • Stop-Start Accumulator automotive fuel saving technologies
  • Suspension systems for automobiles and motorcycles that yield ultra-sensitive responsiveness
  • Electronic steering components to improve driver maneuvering and crash avoidance

The applications for their products are seemingly endless. Each day, Michigan Spring and Stamping’s customers rely on their experience and innovative concepts to give them the customized components they need.

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