Kimble Mixer:

Complete Customer 1st Plan. Innovative, purpose built products.


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Kimble Mixer Company, a division of Hines Specialty Vehicle Group, provides a full line of mixer products to the Ready mix concrete market. The design, the look, the functionality embrace the concept that their mixers are purpose built for our customers. Kimble makes sure the customers who use Kimble mixers get unmatched reliability, productivity, and service in order to improve their own bottom line – a complete Customer 1st Plan. For years, companies like Vulcan, Kienstra, and Old Castle have trusted Kimble Mixer to meet the demands placed on them by their end users.

Since 1994, Kimble Mixer Company has been manufacturing high-quality concrete mixer trucks and remains the only company producing a full line of mixer configurations including Rear Discharge Standard, Bridge, Front Discharge and Remote Control Rear Discharge mixers. Over the years, the company challenged itself to constantly improve to continue producing the most reliable and efficient mixers available. As a result of that drive, Kimble has introduced products and processes that set them apart from the rest of the industry.

One such advancement is Kimble’s drum. Made “long and lean,” the drum evenly distributes the weight of the load and creates a lower center of gravity, adding to the vehicle’s stability. As a result of the design, you get long service life and more consistent charge/discharge of low slump concrete.

Another innovation, the company’s use of Control Area Network (CAN) bus technology, allows anyone in the cab or at the rear pedestal control box to operate, monitor, perform onboard diagnostics and much more at the job site, all wirelessly.

In addition to product advancements, Kimble’s paint process adds to the products’ durability. Each major component is steel shot blasted, primed with high-solids epoxy and coated with 5 mils. of acrylic urethane paint before final assembly, leaving no crack or crevice untouched. This ensures increased life and durability of not only the paint but also the body of the mixer.

Kimble Mixer’s latest innovation offers the industry’s only fully Remote Control Rear Discharge mixer, the K2200-RC. The K2200-RC is a new generation of concrete mixer that allows both the mixer and chassis to be controlled remotely, bringing together the latest vehicle technology and practical job site functionality. Using the remote control, drivers are free to maneuver the vehicle into an advantageous position, pour and maneuver out of the job site all without an additional contractor – improving productivity and operating margins. The remote control system includes a hydraulic powered chute that can be raised, lowered and swung left and right, eliminating the need for additional personnel while the mixer is being discharged. All mixer functions are available on the remote control system, including Drum Rotation & RPM, Engine RPM, Chute Brake, Charge Hopper and more.

Kimble Mixer’s goal is to continue to pursue advancements like the K2200-RC in order to make their customers more productive and profitable. Learn more about Kimble Mixer here.