Hines Specialty Vehicle Group:

Purpose built vehicles.

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The result of a strategic merger of Crane Carrier and Kimble Manufacturing, Hines Specialty Vehicle Group creates custom heavy-duty chassis and purpose built vehicles for the agriculture, oil and gas, waste hauler, and concrete mixer markets. This allegiance of two industry leaders the synergy of working more efficiently, utilizing new technology, and better serve their customers.

Hines Specialty Vehicle Group (HSVG) specializes in the design and manufacture of customized heavy-duty, vocational chassis used worldwide. Their approach starts with understanding their customers’ requirements and then creating the vehicles they need to get the job done right.

The HSVG features two brands known for their reliability, innovative technologies, and multiple industry application. Kimble Mixer specializes in creating cement mixers that are used by the biggest contractors in the industry. Crane Carrier builds chassis that are tough enough for even the most demanding jobs.
By combining the engineering strength of both brands, HSVG is able to give their customers unmatched products for a wide array of applications.