Crane Carrier:

Purpose Built to Last.


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Crane Carrier Company, a division of Hines Specialty Vehicle Group, provides custom built trucks and chassis for a variety of markets. A line of purpose-built heavy-duty Class 6, 7 and 8 trucks feature diesel, compressed natural gas (CNG), Hybrid, and electric fueling systems.  Our trucks and chassis product lines are purpose built for a multitude of applications, including refuse and recycling removal, agriculture equipment, airport service trucks, pavement maintenance trucks, construction, oil and gas, mining and more.

During the mining disaster in San Jose Mine in Copiapó, Chile that trapped 33 miners about 2,300 feet underground, the Chilean government initially estimated it would take up to 4 months to rescue the miners.  

To expedite the rescue as quickly as possible, Codelco, Chile’s national mining company, implemented several plans involving multiple drilling efforts. One of the drilling efforts was performed by Geotec Boyles Bros S.A. After completing a 5 ½ inch hole that ultimately became the “Plan B” borehole, Geotec Boyles Bros S.A. brought in a larger rig that utilized a custom-built, heavy-duty Crane Carrier Company (CCC) truck chassis. This rig expanded the existing “Plan B” borehole to 12 inches, then completed a third pass, making the opening 28 inches in diameter. The rig was later nicknamed “The Miracle.”  Throughout the process, there was zero downtime attributed to the rig and the Crane Carrier Company truck chassis. Given the accelerated performance of “Plan B,” all 33 miners were rescued 2 months earlier than the Chilean government had initially estimated.

Vice President Fred Slack of the drilling rig manufacturer stated, “The exceptional performance of the Crane Carrier chassis contributed to the safe rescue of the Chilean miners. We recognize the quality and durability of the Crane Carrier chassis and truly value our strategic partnership with them.”

As seen in this example, HSVG’s Crane Carrier Company chassis are durable, reliable, built to last and perform – even under the most demanding conditions. Whether performing trash collection, refueling airplanes or drilling to save lives, CCC chassis provide a custom chassis solution, purpose built to meet our customers unique product needs.